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Imaculada Gordiano Sociedade de Advogados is a full service office with its main headquarters in Fortaleza, Ceará, whose mission is Impact with results obtained through legal value management, having as pillars: Corporate Governance, Business Intelligence Technology and Expertise. 

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Saraiva Advogados Associados is a firm with its main headquarters in Ponta Grossa, Paraná, specializing in:

• Tax law
• Administrative law
• Business law

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Founded more than 20 years ago, the FRS Assessoria Jurídica office has a team of lawyers specialized in the most diverse areas of law. In addition to consultative and contentious solutions, the firm has become a reference in providing personalized services, actively collaborating in the evolution of its clients' businesses in all aspects of management.

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Founded in 2005, Forti & Advogados Associados is present in the legal-economic scenario of law in favor of business companies. The structure is based on corporate governance, with the adoption of legal measures and solutions for the cases observed, as well as the development of preventive work.


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Boutique Business Law Firm focusing on Real Estate Law, its repercussions and Business Law. Its Mission is: To provide tailored legal services, based on interdisciplinary action, capable of generating solutions with technical excellence, competitive costs and focused on expressive results aimed at customer satisfaction.

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It is the first law firm in Minas Gerais, which has been operating continuously since 1918, when lawyer Homero Paulino da Costa opened his law firm in the south of the state, in the municipality of Machado. Homero Paulino da Costa (1893-1986), founding partner of the firm, was President of the Brazilian Bar Association – Minas Gerais Section, between 1959 and 1961

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Established in 2004, the firm focuses on business, consultancy and litigation law in the following areas: 

  • Administrative law

  • Civil and Consumer Law

  • Labor law

  • Corporate Law

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The Ragusa & Almeida Family and Succession Law advises clients at a time of evolution and transformation of families, in their various arrangements and new forms of contracts. The specialists' work aims to mitigate disputes, in order to avoid financial losses and emotional damages, in the areas of succession planning, assets and divorce. Partners are recognized by the Chambers and Partners awards.

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Chyntia Barcellos is a Specialist in Gay Law, Families, Succession and Extrajudicial Dispute Resolution Methods. Member of the Sexual Diversity and Gender Commission of the Federal Council of the OAB, and President of the Secretary of Homoaffective Law at IBDFAM-GO – Brazilian Institute of Family Law.

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CORRÊA DA COSTA ADVOGADOS office was created in Cuiabá, Mato Grosso, Brazil, in 1994, by partner João Celestino Corrêa da Costa Neto. The office also comprises associate lawyers, contract lawyers, interns and law academics, and is duly registered with the Brazilian Bar Association.

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Office specialized in legal logistics, headquartered in the city of Aracaju-Se, with correspondents throughout the country, providing hearing and due diligence services. "Our greatest asset is the customer, which is why we always seek excellence in service, relying on people equipped to meet demands and achieve new challenges." The Firm's Mission is: To provide quality legal logistics services nationwide with speed, credibility, ethics and technological innovation.

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The creation of JAKUTIS ADVOGADOS is the result of the combination of the tradition of over half a century in law and the innovation brought by the new economy and new business models. Focused on generating results, executing projects, structuring strategies and providing a good customer experience, JAKUTIS ADVOGADOS offers complete business solutions for the solid and sustainable growth of your company.

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The Manuel & Vitta Sociedade de Advogados was set up and planned to provide a specialized service, capable of carrying out work with significant results for its clients. "We work in a 360º format, where the look becomes more intense." Treating the customer in a macro way – and not just with a momentary point of problem – Manuel & Vitta Sociedade de Advogados acts preventively, raising the level of security and minimizing risks in your company.

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With the aim of acting that conveys trust, providing our clients with a genuine feeling of commitment and responsibility, the Firm prioritizes excellent service, always keeping its staff in compliance with the state of the art in the world of Legal Sciences. The Bank seeks recognition for competence and innovation, always guided by the prisms of transparency and sincerity.

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With more than 50 years of existence, it is one of the most respected law firms in the Central-West region and in Brazil. Its main purpose is to offer clients legal services of a high standard of quality and excellence. They are trustworthy partners. With their experience, they seek legal solutions suited to the needs of each client, enabling safe and effective decision-making in different areas of law (full-service).

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VARELLA lawyers & Associados is a modern law firm with a business vision. We are not limited to geographic circumscriptions, either due to strong partnerships in all units of the federation and Latin America, or due to our global vision of law. We strongly believe in improving society through law and justice.

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DeJongh Martins Advogados aims to act that conveys trust, providing its clients with a genuine feeling of commitment and responsibility. They prioritize excellent service, always keeping their staff in compliance with the state of the art in the world of Legal Sciences. They seek recognition for their competence and innovation, always guided by the prisms of transparency and sincerity.

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Ebax offers foreign trade solutions, both import and export of all products and segments. Its operations are customized and integrated for each client, technological capacity and a network of group companies specialized in each stage of the import and export chain, from door to door.

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TECLA AMBIENTAL is a consulting, auditing, licensing and environmental advisory company that operates in different market segments. The main objective is to help identify customer needs and adapt production processes and services to environmental legislation and technical requirements. TECLA AMBIENTAL's mission is to transform the environment through the help of ecologically prudent techniques

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PERITOS JUDICIAIS is committed to preparing reports, opinions and definitive reports. These are prepared by professionals who can act as Technical Assistants and Court Experts, in the most varied areas of activity and in the different geographic regions of the country, guaranteeing a standard of excellence in quality, as well as compliance with established deadlines. 

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MM&A Global Consulting Network is an international organization that provides legal, accounting and commercial services to private and multinational companies in America, Europe, and Asia. The organization has its headquarters in Uruguay and operates through partnerships with consultancy companies and law firms.

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Exactly 90 years ago, almost a century, our office began its activities, always working in the area of industrial/intellectual property. Founded by João da Gama Cerqueira, author of the Industrial Property Treaty, a reference work in the specialty, the office was under the responsibility of Dr. Sebastião Silveira for many years, until he was succeeded by his sons and current partners, Prof. Dr. Newton Silveira and Dr. Wilson Silveira, both lawyers who specialize in judicial litigation and conflict resolution.

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Created in 2021, InConsult, a consultancy specializing in business management, emerged with the aim of supporting small and medium-sized companies in internal reorganization, including the development of an assertive business plan and effective monitoring controls. Furthermore, InConsult guarantees its clients specialized support for fundraising, acquisition, merger or sale of the company.

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PMO ADVOCACIA E CONSULTORIA, striving for the efficiency of its services and making use of its team of specialists, offers the best and most sophisticated legal solutions in favor of the continuous growth of its clients, based on the pillars of ethics, transparency and excellence . With specialization in various areas of law, the professionals who make up the PMO's technical team are highly qualified.

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With more than twenty years of expertise in the international insurance and investment market, our professionals are able to offer personalized solutions for you. We are a company that provides financial services consultancy focused on wealth planning, insurance and national and international investments.

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Larkalis Trading & Services GmbH was founded in 2017 by former directors of large European and Brazilian companies and provides international trade and services for commodities and raw materials. This business division is established in 8 countries, Vienna / Austria (Headquarters), Houston / USA; London / United Kingdom, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo / Brazil, Hong Kong, Colombia, Chile and Peru.

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The success of your company in the hands of a highly qualified team, trained in first-class institutions and in charge of all projects, combined with a fair price. This is Tavros, with specialized and experienced partners, operating in medium and large companies in Brazil and abroad.

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Created at the end of 2013, IRI quickly became a reference in the treatment of wild animals. It brings together around 100 different species of animals, and a specialized team of professionals, including: veterinarians, biologists, administrative and operational departments, all structured to maintain quality in terms of nutrition, safety, mainly infrastructure, in order to offer the best treatment .

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